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Feb. 1st, 2006 @ 04:34 pm (no subject)
Hey, so you don't know me here. That's all right, it means that I don't have to worry about the things that I tell you, which means that they'll be the truth.

I'm gay.

Such a shock! If you're here you had to have read my profile because otherwise, I know I didn't give you this livejournal name. I'm interesting in talking to other people that are gay, well other people in general because I like people and I'm a very social sort of person, just especially people that are willing to be openly gay here because there aren't any in my life right now.

Which means, that I'm probably going to to spend most of my time dating people casually and not getting any further, but that's all right. It's much better to be deeply, deeply closeted, than to go for a walk on the 'other' side.

I like my facial features intact thank you.

So that's it! If you found this somehow... post a comment! I don't really know many people.
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